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AMG Facilities has many senior operations supervisors that have retired after long careers with industry majors that are available to help fill short term gaps in owner organizations, provide pre-startup checkout, startup assistance, mentoring, training and turnaround support.  Given our large resource pool, we typically can line up operators with unit specific experience for these roles.

Pre-Startup Checkout:

AMG senior operations personnel have been engaged to check out new process plants around the world.  These reviews have identified many issues and enabled their correction prior to startup.  Included in this work is field walkdowns and preparation and review of operating procedures.

Startup Assistance
Our senior operations personnel have been engaged to provide expert support during the startup of new process plants.  The personnel assigned to these projects always have extensive unit-specific operating experience, and had advanced during their career to supervisory roles.

Mentoring and Training
We have taken long term assignments to mentor and train operators.  This has been particularly useful for new facilities and those with high turnover that don’t have the seasoned staff available to provide such mentoring.

Turnaround Support
At times, plants do not have sufficient number of operations personnel available to cover all the necessary turnaround activities in a prompt fashion, resulting in schedule slippage.  At AMG Facilities, we have helped plan operations activities for turnarounds, and can provide support during the turnarounds when process plants are short on operations staff.

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