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Integrated Processes


AMG Facilities Engineering has provided services for oil and gas production, including development of equipment reliability plans for multi-billion dollar projects. The services have included equipment consulting, along with design improvements for downhole equipment. We have done design, analysis and development of high pressure equipment to Section VIII, Division 3, preparation of equipment reliability plans for new projects as well as existing facilities, and project and turnaround services. Some of the world's largest energy companies continue to be repeat clients.

AMG Facilities - Corrosion Project: AMG Facilities used its proprietary Risk-Based Equipment Reliability Planning work process which is embedded in our software program STIER© (Strategy Tool for Improving Equipment Reliability) to develop the Risk-based Inspection and Maintenance Plan to address corrosion-related failure scenarios for fixed equipment, rotating equipment and piping circuits. Our work process is compliant with API RP 580, Risk-Based Inspection and ASME PCC-3-2007 Inspection Planning Using Risk-Based Methods.
The subject matter expert (SME) based approach was employed to develop failure scenarios. Once the relevant equipment data were collected and loaded into STIER, our Metallurgists reviewed the information and pre-developed damage mechanisms and failure scenarios for each item. AMG Facilities also involved Senior Furnace SME to develop failure scenarios, and inspection and maintenance plans for the furnaces.

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