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AMG Engineering provides consulting assistance in the design/development/analysis of new equipment, as well as review and certification of User Design Specifications  and the Manufacturers Design Reports for pressure vessels.  We also perform certification of equipment calculations for jurisdictional acceptance.  We frequently take on very significant design challenges including very high pressure and temperature equipment and very complex equipment. We have worked with various pressures and temperatures in our past and present projects. Our expertise in Codes and Standards enables us to provide authoritative guidance to our clients.

AMG engineers performed various analysis on a high temperature valve for a jet engine test facility. The valve is exposed to thermal shock heating due to the jet engine gas being forced through it at a high velocity. The work included a finite element thermal transient analysis, coupled with a stress analysis, to determine the stresses on the valve during the heat up and cool down during operation. We determined that the highest stresses were experienced only a few seconds into the transient cycle, something that a steady state analysis would not have captured. Using the information from the stress analysis, a fatigue life assessment was performed on the valve.

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