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Alternative Energy


AMG Facilities provides equipment consulting and reliability services for alternative energy facilities.  Work in fossil power facilities included troubleshooting of waterhammer and vibration, as well as hot walkdowns and life assessment of high energy piping. In the alternative energy field, we have designed equipment and provided design reviews of new processes.

Apart from our alternative energy project, AMG Facilities Oil and Gas Production Projects include:

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) - Corrosion
Coke Drum Replacement
Fitness for Service
RBWS Program Implementation
Pump Trips/Chk Valve Closure
Equipment Re-Rating
Vessel Life Assessment
Technology Scale Up
Weld Misalignment
Focus on Corrosion – A Refinery-Wide Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Program

AMG Facilities Engineering has completed development of a Refinery-wide Risk Based Inspection Program (RBI) at one of our clients Refineries in Aberdeen with a focus on corrosion damage mechanisms. The Refinery has observed accelerated corrosion in recent years, resulting in a higher than expected equipment replacement rate and commissioned the study in order to develop a plan to mitigate the corrosion.

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